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Taking clue from the symbols — Ram, Swan, Lion, peacock and Kite connecting them with the properties, we can assign the rasis as follows:. Forest and forest areas. As 12 rasis are distributed to Five Divisions, there has been overlapping. This kind of overlapping can be seen in the distribution of 27 starts for 12 rasis. Thus, it is evident that the people of Tamizhagam have definitely incorporated the zodiac idea in Inthinai.

മക്കളുടെ നന്മയ്ക്ക് ഷഷ്ഠി വ്രതം-shashti vratham-എന്‍ സി രാധാമണിയമ്മ

The poets might have also mentioned or indicated the rasis and nakshatras related to each Tinai. As the commentators and modern day scholars have evidently left out other factors, the alignment of the Inthinai-zodiac with the modern-zodiac poses some problems or shows variations. The scientific study of the Sangam literature is imperative and such research could only rectify, correct and refine the Inthinai-Zodiac constructed. The author craves for the help of the scholars in this regard.

The discussion about the Zodiac based on Inthimai or Inthinai Zodiac points to a possibility that the people of Tamizhagam might have followed a Jupiter cycle for the calculation and recording time and events. Surya Siddhanta 8 , the ancient astronomical work extant defines and the method of calculation of Jupiter cycle: " Multiply by 12 the past Jupiter revolutions of Jupiter, add the signs of the current revolution, add and divide by sixty; the remainder marks the year of Jupiter's cycle, counting from Vijaya [Surya Siddhanta — I.

In Vaishaka etc. The first verse clearly points to the existence of sixty year cycle that is still followed throughout India. Then what is the relation between the 60 year cycle and 12 year cycle? If in any year, the helical setting of Jupiter takes place in the month Vaishaka, then the asterism with which the moon is found to be in the conjunction at the end of that month, which will be, of course, the asterism of the year, which is Krittika.

Thus, here, the relation between Vaishaka and Karttika is explained. Therefore, the connecting factor of these two months and as well as stars is Murukan and his worship. Astronomically, the connecting factor of two Jupiter cycle is 5 and it is Inthinai-Zodiac. And this historical process could have taken place only about the period in which the Tamizhagam was reigning supreme in all aspects.

The astronomical interpretation of Murugan worship incidentally embraces with Tantras, Yantras and Mantras. The amalgamation, integration and unification of different gods and goddesses point to compromise made with the Tantric and Yantric works. In fact, such details are available only in Tantric works as noted in the case of Jara, Hariti, Jataharini, Revati etc. The worship of Murukan has been symbolic and natural i. Later, it is modified with personification and deification.

However, the fundamentals are available only in the tantric works. The old worshippers or followers of the established system would not come to new one, unless the new one has incorporated all the old ones and also some extra favorable, comfortable and usable factors.

As diversified people come together in such interactions, manifold and dissimilar factors have to be moulded together to get an acceptable cast.

Tamil Calendar 12222: Dates of Festivals

As heads of the respective groups are experts, they see that their subject matter is not compromised and at the same time do not ant to percolate to the bottom or new entrants easily without efforts or understanding the inner meaning. At the same time, the knowledge has to be preserved, protected and propagated to the progeny for the welfare of the humankind. That is why, we find mathematics, astronomy, geography, psychology, environmental study and much more modern subjects in the decoding and deciphermet of Skanda-Karttikeya-Murukan worship.

The relation between Cakras, Rasis and Muruga are turned out to be very revealing. They are tabulated below:. The author 9 has already implied the association of Cakras with Murugan worship earlier in a paper. The Worship of Murukan and the Zodiac K. Ramakrishna Rao B.

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Eng I. If the Hexagram is examined, all ten numbers 0 to 9 are found in it. Seasons, Festivals and Murugan Worship How the changes in the seasons affect the psychosomatic processes or psychosomatic changes vary with the seasons interacting with flora and fauna is vividly described in the Sangam literature. Veriyadal performed by Velan to find out the disease of the Ladies-Love. The Lover meeting the Lady-Love stealthily, when Veriyadal takes place during mid-night. There are ladies who would not venture to or should not touch the vessels of Murugan temple.

Murugan is born with the combination of energies Fire and Water. The Fire produced from Siva is deposited in the Saravanabava waters and six children are born out of such combined energy. Tamil name of the month. According to Northern tradition. Chitra paurnami. First Paurnami. Begins with the bright half of the month Caitra Cittira-April-May and lasts for one year. Agni nakshata festival. Performed for 14 days. Vishakam to Puram tendays. Putraprapti-Vrata — to beget choice of children. Uttira nakshatram. Aranyasasthi —. Adi Puram, Padinettup perukku. Krittika and Amavasya days.

Skandavrata — Skandasasthi.

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Vinayaka Chaturthi. Guhasya Pavitraropanam. Celebrated on the 6 th day of the bright half of the month Sravana Avani-Aug-Sep. Skanda Shasti. First day from Amavasai. Karttigai Deepam Karttigai Paurnami. Krittigai nakshatra ten days. Niradum nonbu. Tiruvadhirai, Vaikunda Ekadasi. Pusa naskshatra, Pongal.


Kamavrata or Kamasasthi. Celebrated on the 6 th day of the bright half of the month Pausha Tai-Jan-Feb. Makham, Khumba festival. Makham, Maha Makham once in 12 years. Amavasai — Maha Sivaratri. Magha Masi-Feb-March.


Panguni uttiram. Phalguna Panguni-March-April. Indian common name. Corresponding English months. English name. Signs corresponding to certain parts of body.