Negative capricorn horoscope

Not only having a huge ambition for his career, but he is also very passion in everything he does. Slowly but surely, he is the determined type who will climb to the top of his own personal mountain on his own feet.

The Negative Side To Your Zodiac Sign - CAPRICORN

Have you heard the legendary story about a guy who started his career path with just a small position in a company as a teenager? He worked as a floor sweeper; after many years of diligence, he ended up having a company of his own. He is an ingenious goat — before planning a project, he will fly beneath the radar in order to gather information quietly bits by bits. He believes that only immense patience can help him win long game.

In addition, he has a deep, persistent faith as well as a strong belief in his ability.

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The truth is, he always remembers his root and remains to stay humble. His desire is to reach the top of power and money — this makes him competitive and may be become a bit of a tyrant. In fact, this man will often end up in positions where he has the power of controlling and directing many people.

When it comes to the money issue, he seems to be tough. Despite of that, your Capricorn still secretly longs to get showered with both affection and attention.

You can easily search lots of info on the Internet about Capricorn best matches but not all are accurate. But trust me — the list below is the result after a long time carefully studying and examining alignments of 12 astrological signs. Put it more accurate — the following signs are certain zodiac signs having difficulty when being with Capricorn man.

They are:. Firstly, do not be upset if you find this man acts disinterested at all in your gift. Deep inside, he does hope you can find out his wish list and bring him something secretly. In that case, you should quickly get it for him before he buys it for himself. Capricorn is not the person always expecting to be treated specially by anyone else.

Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn, October - VICE

Your Capricorn has a huge interest for well-made items. Or, you can consider buying a first-edition book from his favorite authors and cover it in a beautiful leather binding — this will definitely score you points. He also likes something unusual like a ship in a bottle or a brass spyglass. According to his preference, Capricorn man loves to collect antique watches and clocks, for example.

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When someone mentions Capricorn man, he is often identified as the individual of stability, loyalty, and loving kindness. Laura started the writing career in and began writing horoscope in Currently, she has joined the United21 for the Horoscope and Love Life categories. When not doing her work, Laura enjoys all forms of outdoor activities with her husband and two lovely kids.

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1. Whether you're here for us or against us, there's definitely a Cap in your life.

Caps are notoriously unforgiving. We can hold a grudge longer than most people can hold onto a job. We can patch things up and be civil, but there's no going back to how things used to be once they've gone sour.

Capricorn sign signification: What is a Capricorn like?

It sounds intense, but Caps are very guarded people. If they find out you're capable of hurting them, they won't let you get close enough to do it again. It's not that Capricorns think they're better or smarter than you, they just think they're better and smarter than everyone. I know that this is one trait I'm horribly guilty of, but it isn't my fault. The people around Caps usually go to them for advice since they're known to knowledge, which can boost our egos.

A Cap will do their best to retain some self-control when it comes to blurting out random facts or correcting people but don't count on it. If you don't know something we know, we can be a bit condescending. And I'm using the term "a bit" very loosely. It can get even worse when it comes to things we're super passionate about.

Say something that's not true about a Cap's favorite show or movie or artist and they will school you like you've never been schooled. I've lost friends over Star Wars fun facts that turned out to be not so fun facts because they kept getting them wrong. Caps are super pessimistic.

Capricorn Traits

It doesn't matter what the situation is, we'll always be expecting the worse. Even when it comes to small stuff. Every time I go to Starbucks I just expect them to pronounce my name wrong, because they always do, so I don't even give my real name anymore. I've created a whole Starbucks alias just because I'd rather not run the risk of getting called "Jose" or "Jessie" or "Joan".

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